Start earning extra income on using simple skills you will acquire following guidance from TLI downlines team progress and training on Facebook. Skills you can acquire include becoming a writer, logo design, animation, seo, and lots more.

It is absolutely free to use the fiverr website, and all TLI downline members are welcome to follow us and learn the required skills. Even members who have only serviced their TLI account with N500 are welcome.

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For non-members, following our progress on Facebook will cost, N50,000.

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We will give you 1Gb x 10 months ( or as often as you want, at only 10 instances). Available to members on the N15,000 plan

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Incentives for joining Touchinglivesinternational through our team:


Ambassador Stage(Stage 5)

*Biggest bonus: Housing fund $40000+ $1000 for maintenance

*International trip to South Africa, all expenses paid

*As director you are entitled to recommend two orphans from any orphanage for scholarship awards; and also two more persons for scholarship award

Presidential Stage(stage 4)

* Empowerment for two orphans on your recommendation

* Brand new SUV car + $2000 for maintenance

Prime Minister Stage(stage 3)

* Qualify for a brand new SUV car

* $5000 total cash earning.

* A trip to Dubai

Minister Stage(stage 2)

*Options to select either a tecno tablet, lenovo laptop, generator, refrigerator, or LCD TV

*$1000 total cash earning

Governors Stage(stage 1)

*Referral bonus for 2 OR 6= $10 OR $30

*Matrix bonus =$10

*Earnings = $20 OR $40



Make a difference! Nominate two orphans and 2 other people for scholarship awards yearly! This is just ONE of the many benefits of becoming a TLI ambassador

To get to the ambassador level, you must have grown from governor level up to the ambassador level as clearly stated here.

Let us help you start with as little as N500. As our team helps you grow with very little stress, you will achieve maximum growth in a matter of time.

No recruiting, no stressful referral targets, and we have a functional group page on Facebook which enables people join your team from our own effort.

YES, we work for your team to growth!



Don't have N15,000, yet still want to make a difference? Get your account created with the pay small-small (PSS) plans where you can start with as little as N500. 

You simply make your donations month on month, and your TLI account will be created once you complete any of the plans stated below. Note that pss payment is strictly non-refundable, as you are eligible for free guidance once you make these payments.




TLI accounts are created for members on the pay small-small (PSS) plans based on a first-come-first-serve list. Payment is non-refundable, as the cash is donated to TLI charity, and you get to earn huge commissions as long as the team recruitment drive keeps yielding good results. If results wane, we will continue to step up our strategy.


For single accounts (N15,000):


Get free guidance and training.

Get one year supply of Mtn data (1Gb x 10) as a bonus from the team


Building a long-term business is the best and safest way to make money online. It keeps giving you returns long after all these peer to peer businesses must have failed. That is why our team chose to donate to, and help make money online in the long term. Mygsmnaira will serve as the platform from which we register accounts of our members on TLI.




It is now easy to track all payments made by new members. If your account is not created within 24 hours of confirming payment to 08054473742, get customer support via our facebook customer care page.


To join: 



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With team effort, you will quickly get into stage 3 where each referral gives you $200 in commission and the cumulative earning is $5000 (N1,000,000) plus a trip to Dubai and a SUV.








You can also click on all the stages of the TLI compensation plan in order to get more information.


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