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Earn passive income by donating to TLI charity via mygsmnaira

Donate once


Start with N15k and we will give you 1Gb of data x 10

Team effort keeps helping you grow

How it works

Over the next few months, grow as the team grows


How it works

Donate only once

Grow as the team grows

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Start earning extra income on fiverr.com using simple skills you will acquire following guidance from TLI downlines team progress and training on Facebook. Skills you can acquire include becoming a writer, logo design, animation, seo, and lots more.

It is absolutely free to use the fiverr website, and all TLI downline members are welcome to follow us and learn the required skills. Even members who have only serviced their TLI account with N500 are welcome.

Activate your TLI account here.

or service your TLI account using the pay-small-small

For non-members, following our progress on Facebook will cost, N50,000.

For members, it is free, even if you have only serviced your TLI account with N500 P.S.S.




Start a local business with very little capital.


Looking to start a business with great profit margin, using a very small capital base? Look no further than the payphone service right here.


Simply buy your vouchers at 50% discount, supply them to retailers in your area, and encourage them to ask their customers to test the service using the "free first call for all customers".


See sample voucher below



call voucher


Click here to buy using funds from your account


As more people in your area get familiar with the service and buy from these retailers whom you have supplied, your profit continues to increase per month. Monthly earnings can be as high as N100,000 for people who take the business seriously and build a wide client base.

Benefits of the payphone voucher

  1. Very cheap retail price: N20 for 10 minutes call
  2. 100% profit when you buy wholesale at N10 each; meaning you can get resellers to pay N15 each or simply retail at N20. This is 100% profit.
  3. Easily available on this site, so you can continually get supply here to keep your business going
  4. End users can book for phone calls from the comfort of their rooms.
  5. Available for Glo to Glo calls.




Click here to read: We will supply you with MTN datashare 1Gb x 10 (can be spread over 12 months)